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The most widely recognized type of kidney substitution treatment is dialysis, is a method for cleaning the blood with simulated kidneys. There is of sorts of dialysis they are: a. Haemodialysis, b. Peritoneal dialysis.  

  1. Haemodialysis

Haemodialysis required with the patients of renal disappointment. In this procedure of haemodialysis, a counterfeit kidney decontaminates blood. We should make an "entrance," more often than not in the lower arm where blood can without much of a stretch be taken from the body and sent to the manufactured kidney for cleansing. The entrance gathers blood from quiet body and experiences cleaning in counterfeit kidney and again infused the cleansed blood in to tolerant body

b.Peritoneal dialysis

In peritoneal dialysis no simulated kidney is utilized. The peritoneum (lining inside your stomach area) is utilized as a channel rather than counterfeit kidney. Peritoneal dialysis is of two sorts they are persistent cycling peritoneal dialysis and consistent mobile peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is utilized as a part of kidney disappointment patients.


  • Track 1-1Fibrosis and extracellular matrix CKD kidney illnesses
  • Track 1-2Cardiovascular complications of CKD 3-5
  • Track 1-3Acid Base and Electrolyte Abnormalities
  • Track 1-4Chronic Kidney disease diagnosis, classification and Progressip

Chronic Disorder is named as interminable kidney illnesses (CKD) include conditions that harm kidneys and debilitate their capacity to keep you clean by anomalous capacity. On condition kidney Neoplasms deteriorates; squanders can aggregate to abnormal states in your blood and influence you to feel sick. You may create issues like iron deficiency, hypertension, feeble bones, nerve harm and poor wholesome wellbeing. Likewise, kidney illness lifts your danger of having heart sickness and heart issues. These issues may happen gradually for a drawn out stretch of time. Diabetes and hypertension are the two fundamental driver of constant kidney illness.


  • Track 2-1Chronic kidney disease diagnosis, classification and progressiop
  • Track 2-2Fibrosis and extracellular matrix CKD kidney illnesses
  • Track 2-3CKD Mineral bone disorder
  • Track 2-4Acid Base and electrolyte abnormalities
  • Track 2-5Cardiovascular complications of CKD 3-5

Patients who are living longer may acquire contaminations that stimulate ceaseless kidney sicknesses, which routinely stay undetected until the point that patients are resisted with the sudden prerequisite for dialysis. Renal cell apoptosis incorporates a broad assortment of ailment components. They can be named either acquired or got fundamental or renal calculi diseases that have the ordinary component of various renal pimples. Each disease substance differentiates in its introduction, reckoning, and organization. Renal bruises are smooth-walled, fluid filled round structures surrounded by focal out pouching of renal tubules. Regardless, immense advances have been made starting late. For autosomal overwhelming and autosomal inactive polycystic kidney disorders (ADPKD and ARPKD), a photograph is starting to rise. Forsakes in the basic ciliary distinguishing frameworks, intracellular calcium control, and cell cyclic AMP (cAMP) conglomeration all seem to accept a section in the changed cell phenotype and limits.


  • Track 3-1Glomerular disease in the elderly
  • Track 3-2Drug dosing and renal toxicity in the elderly patient
  • Track 3-3Kidney disease in elderly diabetic patients
  • Track 3-4Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

 During pregnancy, the uterus turns out to be substantial that pack the ureters. This change prompt the issue of emptying urine out of the kidney making the pee stays dormant. Accordingly, the microscopic organisms gather in the kidney as opposed to washing out. This causes contamination. More often than not, kidney issue compound just in pregnant ladies who have hypertension that isn't all around controlled. Having an interminable kidney issue before getting to be pregnant expands the hazard that the baby won't develop as much not surprisingly or be stillborn. Having a serious kidney issue more often than not keeps ladies from delivery an infant to term.


  • Track 4-1CKD and pregnancy
  • Track 4-2Lupus nephritis and pregnancy
  • Track 4-3Diabetic nephropathy and pregnancy
  • Track 4-4AKI and pregnancy
  • Track 4-5Kidney in pregnancy
  • Track 4-6Pregnancy after kidney transplantation

Kidney ailment may likewise prompt coronary illness or coronary ailment as a result of this in excess of 20 million individuals kicked the bucket in the U.S. with constant kidney sickness. Endless kidney illness initiates the danger of death from cardiovascular sickness. Coronary malady result for the greater part of all passing among people with CKD (Constant kidney ailments).For sure, even early or smooth renal sickness infirmity puts a man at higher threat of heart afflictions and heart assaults and furthermore coronary illness related demise. Kidney dialysis patients who additionally have cardiovascular sickness are passed on 10 to 30 times more than in the general cardiovascular patients. Diabetes and hypertension are significant hazard factors for coronary illness and incessant kidney ailment. Kidney malady (intense kidney infection or endless kidney ailment) can prompt the threat of cardiovascular sick, even with hypertension, elevated cholesterol and simultaneous diabetes. Late explores demonstrate that kidney infections (renal illnesses) instigates coronary illness, even before the kidneys are hurt to the point of requiring dialysis or transplantation

Patients with an extensive variety of kidney contamination and hypertension this additionally incorporates perpetual or intense kidney maladies, kidney stones, in view of any reason, safe or auxiliary hypertension, cystic kidney ailments, acquired kidney illnesses, unexplained proteinuria or haematuria, liquid and electrolyte homeostasis variations from the norm, pregnancy-related kidney issue, nephritic, glomerulonephritis, vascular kidney ailments, and others. Hypertension happens when the weight of blood on the dividers of veins builds enough to achieve hurt. For people who have diabetes or unending kidney contamination, circulatory strain of 130/80 or more is seen as high. A couple of sorts of kidney disorder may achieve hypertension.


  • Track 5-1Modification of cardiac drugs in renal disease
  • Track 5-2Effects of cardiovascular diseases on the kidney
  • Track 5-3Cardio renal syndrome
  • Track 5-4Hypophosphatemia, hyperuricemia, hyperkalaemia
  • Track 5-5Kidney and vascular diseases
  • Track 5-6Hypertension

A biomarker is a quantifiable pointer of the seriousness or nearness of some sickness state. All the more for the most part a biomarker is anything that can be utilized as a pointer of a specific ailment state or some other physiological condition of a life form.

A biomarker can be a substance that is brought into a living being as a way to look at organ work or different parts of wellbeing. For instance, rubidium chloride is utilized as a part of isotopic naming to assess perfusion of heart muscle. It can likewise be a substance whose location shows a specific sickness state, for instance, the nearness of a counter acting agent may demonstrate a disease. All the more particularly, a biomarker demonstrates an adjustment in articulation or condition of a protein that connects with the hazard or movement of a sickness, or with the vulnerability of the ailment to a given treatment. Biomarkers can be trademark natural properties or atoms that can be identified and estimated in parts of the body like the blood or tissue. They may show either typical or infected procedures in the body. Biomarkers can be particular cells, atoms, or qualities, quality items, chemicals, or hormones. Complex organ capacities or general trademark changes in natural structures can likewise fill in as biomarkers.

It is additionally broadly realized that cholesterol esteems are a biomarker and hazard pointer for coronary and vascular infection, and that C-responsive protein (CRP) is a marker for aggravation.


  • Track 6-1Intensive management of blood glucose
  • Track 6-2Renal hemodynamic and vascular physiology.
  • Track 6-3Hypertension-Clinical and experimental models
  • Track 6-4Genetics of Kidney Disease–Diabetic Kidney disease

The kidneys are regularly focused by pathogenic insusceptible reactions against renal auto antigens or by nearby appearances of fundamental autoimmunity. For the finding renal pathologists utilize unique tests and electron magnifying instruments to identify the cells associated with ailments influencing the kidneys.

Kidney biopsies allow us to dissect renal clutters; survey expectations; help in the determination of an exact remedial approach; and screen affliction development in both nearby and allograft transplant kidneys. To maximally mishandle renal biopsy illustrations, a mix of light, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy is utilized. Every microscopy requires unmistakable methodologies for obsession and getting ready, so each renal biopsy focuses are regularly isolated into three segments. renal biopsy

  • Track 7-1Urethritis
  • Track 7-2Pyelonephritis
  • Track 7-3Disorders of urination
  • Track 7-4Stones in the urinary tract
  • Track 7-5Prostate cancer
  • Track 7-6Female urology

Transplantation is the route toward putting a strong kidney which accept control over crafted by cleaning blood by performing surgery in patients with kidney disappointment. It is appointed living donor transplantation or died supporter transplantation on the wellspring of organ of the provider.

Kidney transplantation is the choice of treatment when kidneys crash and burn close by haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. kidney transplants are orchestrated into two sorts: those that begin from living patrons and those that start from irrelevant suppliers who have kicked the pail (non-living donors).Kidney transplant ought to be conceivable to patients who  withstand the effects of surgery, immunosuppressant pharmaceutical, transplant has awesome shot of achievement, prescriptions after transplantation.


  • Track 8-1Advances in kidney transplantation
  • Track 8-2Transplantation techniques
  • Track 8-3Paediatric renal transplantation
  • Track 8-4Dual Kidney transplantation pregnancy after transplantation
  • Track 8-5Post-Transplant complications
  • Track 8-6Acute Renal allograft rejection

These are basic in patients with endless kidney infection. Ordinarily, these scatters on the whole called as renal osteodystrophy. We can see mineral and bone issue in patients with unending kidney illnesses, Calcium and phosphorus levels in patient's blood to be out of money owed to unevenness of hormones. This prompts kidney disappointment and dialysis.

The kidneys accept a fundamental part in keeping up sound bone mass and structure by altering phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood. Sound kidneys impel a kind of vitamin D that a man uses in sustenance, changing it into calcitriol, the dynamic sort of the vitamin. Calcitriol helps the kidneys keep up blood calcium levels and advances the course of action of bone. The kidneys in like manner remove extra phosphorus, modifying levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. Keep up the most ideal level of phosphorus in the blood keeps solid bones.


  • Track 9-1Mineral and Bone disorder in chronic kidney disease
  • Track 9-2Mineral and Bone disorder in children with chronic kidney disease
  • Track 9-3Treatment with Active Forms of Vitamin D
  • Track 9-4Cannulation
  • Track 9-5AL port syndrome

The diabetic kidney sickness here and there likewise called as diabetic nephropathy is a renal related intricacy more often than not happens in a few people with diabetes mellitus. In diabetic nephropathy channels of the kidneys and glomeruli end up harmed. In this condition the kidneys release anomalous amount of protein from blood into the pee.

On the off chance that anybody has diabetes, the blood glucose, or glucose levels are high. For delayed period, this can harm the kidneys. The part of kidney is to clean your blood. On the off chance that they are harmed, waste and liquids gather in your blood without of leaving from your body. In the event that the kidney harm by diabetes is called diabetic nephropathy. Normally it begins some time before you have seen side effects. Its starting indication is little amount of protein in pee. By pee test we can recognize diabetic nephropathy or blood test can likewise decide the working of kidneys.


  • Track 10-1Diabetes Mellitus (Clinical)
  • Track 10-2Diabetic Nephropathy–Biomarkers of Disease
  • Track 10-3Intensive Management of Blood Glucose
  • Track 10-4Genetics of Kidney Disease–Diabetic Kidney Disease
  • Track 10-5Hypertension-Clinical and Experimental Model

The matched retroperitoneal organs i.e. kidneys are lie behind the peritoneum at the level of the T12 to L3 vertebral bodies at a sideways point. Kidneys have a stringy case, which is secured by pararenal fat. Kidney itself can be separated into renal parenchyma, which comprising of renal cortex and medulla, and renal sinus which contains renal pelvis, calyces, renal vessels, nerves, lymphatic and medulla perirenal fat. Cortex and medulla are the two layers of renal parenchyma. Renal medulla comprises of 10-14 renal pyramids and the renal cortex lies incidentally under the case, these are isolated from each other by renal cortex named renal segments. Kidneys play out an essential part, which incorporates filtration and discharge of metabolic waste items like urea and ammonium, keep up of electrolytes adjust, liquid, and corrosive base adjust; and furthermore for renin-angiotensin-aldosterone red platelet generation.


  • Track 11-1Nephrotoxicity
  • Track 11-2IgA nephropathy
  • Track 11-3Minimal change disease
  • Track 11-4Kidney and anaemia
  • Track 11-5Inherited Kidney Diseases
  • Track 11-6Nephron phthisis
  • Track 11-7Kidney Stones

Under this class incorporates infections of the urinary framework, prostate organ including the kidneys and bladder. The bladder or urethra normally affected in urinary tract diseases, yet more real and genuine contaminations incorporate the kidney. A bladder infection may achieve pelvic torment, extended slant to urinate, torment with pee and blood in the pee. Renal disease may realize back distress, ailment, hurling and fever.


  • Track 12-1Urethritis
  • Track 12-2Pyelonephritis
  • Track 12-3Disorders of urination
  • Track 12-4Obstruction of the urinary tract
  • Track 12-5Prostate cancer
  • Track 12-6Kidney and urology

Your nephrologist will work to moderate or control the reason of your kidney sickness. Contingent upon the underlying driver, a few sorts of kidney malady can be dealt with. Every now and again, however, perpetual kidney malady has no avoidance. If your kidneys end up being genuinely hurt, you may require treatment for end-arrange kidney infections. If your kidneys can't remain mindful of waste and fluid flexibility isolated and you make complete or close complete kidney malady, you have End-arrange renal confusion. By at that point, dialysis or a kidney transplant is required. Since no specific in choice and Ayurveda medicine for kidney can treat kidney dissatisfaction effectively, the best procedure is to go along with them. Immunotherapy, as one phenomenal jump forward in treating end-organize kidney disorder, is just a mix of front line western therapeutic advances and standard home developed medications.


  • Track 13-1ACE inhibitors
  • Track 13-2Angiotensin II receptor blockers (Arbs)
  • Track 13-3Beta-Blockers
  • Track 13-4Direct renini Inhibitors
  • Track 13-5Calcium channel blockers
  • Track 13-6Diuretics

Nephrology medical caretakers utilize the nursing procedure to nurture patients of any age who are encountering, or are in danger for, kidney infection.

Nephrology nursing includes both averting illness and surveying the wellbeing needs of patients and families. Care traverses the life cycle and includes patients who are encountering the genuine or undermined effect of intense or constant kidney illness; accordingly nephrology medical caretakers must be knowledgeable, profoundly gifted, and roused. These attendants additionally manage each organ framework in the body, requiring an all-encompassing way to deal with persistent care that is both testing and fulfilling.

Driven by innovative and instructive advances, nephrology nursing keeps on being a dynamic field with a wide assortment of vocation open doors for medical caretakers at all levels


  • Track 14-1Dialysis nursing
  • Track 14-2Home dialysis nursing
  • Track 14-3Paediatric nursing
  • Track 14-4Surgical nursing
  • Track 14-5Rehabilitation nursing

Disorder of protein-vitality squandering comprises of nutritious and results in the metabolic syndrome irregularities seen in incessant kidney malady. Keep up a solid way of life is basic for individuals with renal clutters, particularly in the event that you have hypertension, diabetes, or both. Control and keep up of good blood glucose can anticipate or defer diabetic confusions, including kidney infection. What you eat and drink may help back off kidney sickness. Dietician can direct you how to choose sustenances that are less demanding on your kidneys about protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, which shows the importance of Nutrition and how to peruse nourishment handouts and names.



  • Track 15-1Nutrition therapy
  • Track 15-2Low protein diet
  • Track 15-3Low phosphorous diet
  • Track 15-4Low potassium
  • Track 15-5Physical exercise
  • Track 15-6Renal supplements
  • Track 15-7Chronic Kidney disease diet