Renal Pathology and Immunology

Pathogenic immune responses against renal auto antigens or the localised emergence of basic autoimmunity frequently target the kidneys. Renal pathologists use specialised testing and electron microscopes to detect the cells linked to diseases that affect the kidneys. Kidney biopsies enable us to examine renal clutters, assess expectations, assist in identifying the most effective corrective strategy, and monitor the development of disease in both adjacent and allograft transplant kidneys. A combination of light, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopy is used to maximally mishandle renal biopsy images. Since every microscope needs specific preparation and obsession techniques, renal biopsy foci are often divided into three sections. Kidney biopsy.

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    February 22-23, 2024

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    Zurich, Switzerland
    March 07-08, 2024

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